Seasearch Ireland workshop information

Jun 01 2018 Posted by Office Administraton

Seasearch Ireland are continuing their workshop program for 2018 with a specialist course on General Identification.

This course is aimed at Seasearch recorders who have completed the Observer or Adopt a Site program and wish to revise and expand their knowledge of common species or to those who are interested in recording but don’t know where to begin.

The course will teach the skills to identify over 120 of Ireland’s commonest or most charismatic marine inshore species. The course is open to divers, snorkelers or anyone with an interest in marine identification and will be held on the 16th of June in the Galway Aquarium.

Cost is €25 per person and bookings can be made by contacting

In conjunction with the workshop Seasearch Ireland have updated their pages on the Irish Underwater Council website ( to include more of the identification material that has previously only been available on Facebook. These identification guides to individual species highlight some of the more common or under recorded species in Irish inshore waters and are available at