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Here are some of our other courses available to you as you start out your diving journey. If you are interested in any of the courses below, complete the form here, give us a call on 01 284 4601 or email

Diver 1* CMAS

What this course involves

This CMAS training program aims at introducing the fundamentals of SCUBA diving to new entrants to the sport of recreational SCUBA diving. This training and certification will enable the candidate to undertake dives to a maximum depth of twenty (20) meters in a safe manner.

This CMAS One-Star Diver Training is classified as an entry-level sport diver training programme.

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Diver 2** CMAS

This course is a continuing education, certification course for certified divers. • This training program aims to build on the skills learned during the one-star fundamentals of SCUBA diving course and advance recreational diving skills with a recommended maximum depth of 30 meters in a safe and competent manner

This CMAS Two-Stars Diver Training Program is classified as a second-level sport diver training program.

Leading Diver CMAS ***

This training program aims at introducing the fundamentals of dive leadership to experienced certified CMAS two Star Divers, which will enable them to plan, organize and conduct their dives with the same level diver to a maximum recommended depth deep of 40 meters and lead (Dive Leader) other sport divers in open water according to the competencies of their levels, in a safe and competent manner.

This CMAS Three-Star Diver Training Program is classified as an entry-level leadership diver training program.

Mixed Gas & Speciality Courses

Diving Ireland offer advanced courses using gases with mixtures different to normal breathing air. We offer Nitrox, Advanced Nitrox and Extended range courses. We also offer a wide range of speciality courses including Search and Recovery, RNLI Sea Survival, Seasearch, Underwater Photography and many others.