Leading Diver 3*** C.M.A.S.

Do you have what it takes?

Leading Diver is the highest ‘non-instructor’ grade awarded by CFT and upon successful completion you may lead and manage dives within a club. A Leading Diver demonstrates all competencies required to be a successful diver and to effectively demonstrate these values to other divers within your group. It is both challenging and highly rewarding.

What you will learn

The course consists of a series of lectures, hands on practicals and final exams and you will be assessed throughout the course and the final assessment will take place over an arranged weekend. The course will be conducted by CFT qualified instructors within a club or at a centre approved by CFT.  Cost €160.00

Learning outcomes – A Leading Diver is a diver who is capable of taking charge of a group of divers,
experienced and inexperienced, plus all the equipment necessary to allow diving to take place successfully
and safely.
Knowledge – Knowledge of all aspects of the course is gained by passing comprehensive written and
practical examinations.
Skills – Leadership skills will be developed by participating in the course and assessed during the practical


In order for you to enroll in the next CFT Leading Diver course and begin training you will need to meet to following prerequisites:

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Have an in date medical record of examination as to fitness to dive before commencement of the course
  • Be currently registered with CFT
  • Present a completed logbook with a  Diver 2** (CMAS) certificate held for at least a year
  • Hold a Rescue Diver certificate prior to Theory Exam
  • Hold a Diver Coxswain certificate prior to Theory Exam
  • Hold a valid, current Diver First Responder certificate

So how do i get started?

CFT Leading Diver courses are held across the country annually. Due to the extensive time commitments necessary for this course there is often only 1 exam held per region per year. Contact your club’s Diving Officer for more information about the next Leading Diver course and enrollment details.

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