Waterford SAC 50th Anniversary

Sep 20 2014 Posted by Office Administraton

Last weekend Waterford Harbor SAC held their 50th birthday bash in the Grandville hotel, Waterford. It was a fantastic night with a great turnout. Three of our original foundering members were delighted to accept the official club cert we received from CFT on behalf of the club. The night was well supported by our neighboring clubs, Kilkenny and Hook.

Junior O’Neil was honored for the recognition from CFT of his achievement in diving and being an active instructor in the club for over 50 years. Junior must have trained hundreds of divers & snorkelers over the years. We have him booked up for the next group next year. Thanks must also go to CFT president Mike Orth for taking his time to write a very insightful letter to Junior.

We also heard some great stories of the early days of diving from Ex CFT president and club founding member Gerry Stokes.

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