Water Saftey Awareness Week

Jun 16 2015 Posted by Office Administraton


Irish Water Safety have launched their water safety awareness campaign this week. They urge anyone taking to the water to “know what your getting into”. We have some of the most beautiful waterways in the world for safe and varied aquatic activities. However it is essential that you become fully trained before taking to the water. If you are interested in taking up Diving or Snorkelling we can provide world class training to ensure you will be able to take to the seas in a safe way.

Simply click on this link and fill in the course you are interested in taking part in and we will get in contact with you soon to get you started.



For information on other types of water sports and how to get trained check out

safety zone



We were on hand today to launch the campaign with our models Chriss Ross Innes and Kate Fitzpatrick both who learned to dive and snorkel in the last year.DSC_0122 (2)