Underwater Photography Dive

Aug 15 2013 Posted by Office Administraton

A Photography Dive is being organised on Saturday as part of the CFT 50th Anniversary Regional Dive Weekend.
The dive is from the Motor Yacht Club (DMYC) in Dun Laoghaire. We have been given 3 boats, so don’t be shy, sign up here. First come, first served for the boats. If we have more divers than we can accommodate on the boats, there is a backup shore dive site near sandycove, which may even prove to be a better site!

All divers must be CFT 2* (club diver), other agency equivalent, or above.
All divers must be photographers with a camera. We will be diving in the usual buddy pairs. If you want to dive with a particular buddy, let me know. I will try to accommodate.
divelikeastone@gmail.com will get to me.

CFT divers bring your CFT logbooks/brevets with up to date medicals and all pre-requisites from COMS.
Non CFT divers may join us with following conditions fulfilled…
*  as a guest of a CFT diver diving in this event. The guest must be CFT Club diver equivalent (PADI advanced for example).
* The guest must bring certification and proof of insurance and must have dived within the last month.
* The guest must dive with their CFT sponsor.
* The guest must be a member of the CFT Underwater Photography Facebook group.

The timetable is as follows…
14:00 – 15:00 presentation of logbooks and other documentation.
15:00 kitted dive/photography brief at the DMYC 15:30 depart for dive (location decided on the day) 16:00 – 17:30 dive 18:00 arrive back at DMYC 18:30 Show & tell with photo review and advice 19:30 (or so) join in with BBQ

The show-and-tell will be held in the DMYC. Divers should bring laptops with any photo-processing software that they normally use loaded. There will be a projector for all to view photos. Please bring memory sticks also for easy transfer of files.

This is a non competitive dive, but really good images will get a mention of the FB CFT Underwater Photography site.

To join the dive, please go to the “CFT Underwater Photography” group on Facebook, click on Events and then click the button to join the event.
If you are not a member of the Facebook group, apply to join and we will make you a member, then you can visit the group page and join the event.
First come, first served.

Brian Stone
CFT 15499=

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