Towing License Lessons Discount

Mar 09 2018 Posted by Office Administraton

Our President has been working hard dealing with some of the issues that arose at the DO/TO Conference this year. One of the biggest issues clubs have is that they struggle to get members who can tow boats to weekends away, dive exams, rallies etc. The IUC works tirelessly for its members in order to safeguard the statement that our product is different and this includes enabling our divers to organise expeditions in remote locations to get the extra special diving not accessed by dive centres.

The Airport School of Motoring in Churchtown has agreed to offer a 10% discount to any IUC members who wish to undertake lessons to achieve the B+E Towing License.

We will continue to work with other driving schools in the hope that this discount might become available across all the regions. Please promote this offer to your members and encourage more divers to gain their Towing License and together we can explore some more of the remote diving areas in Ireland.