South West Cox’n Course

Apr 02 2012 Posted by Office Administraton

Busy Pier


Busy day in Kilkee over the yesterday, Limerick, Lough Derg, Kilkee, Burren, Aughinish clubs all converged at the pier in Moore Bay yesterday.  The fantastic weather and a Cox’n course brought the divers and boats out for the day.

Luckily, the theory lectures were held in the University of Limerick (thanks to hosts ULSAC) earlier in the week resulted in the fact that only water work had to be completed on the Sunday.  Everyone was finished and ready for diving after lunch.

14 participants from the region attended the Cox’n course.  Now all 14 must set about the task of logging boat driving hours, launching, recovering and ferrying divers to and fro’ before presenting for test within 2 years.

Thanks to the instructors from Lough Derg, Aughinish, Limerick, Inbhear Sceine Kerry Burren and Kilkee who contributed to the course – without these instructors these courses simply would not happen.

Well done all.

John O'Loughlin (ISK) shows the lads around a boat engine.