Sheephaven Weekend Diving

Oct 20 2014 Posted by Office Administraton

Sheephaven’s Sunday morning trainee dive was to the Green Island just off the south west tip of Arranmore. Timmy Boyle led a two boat dive party out from Burtonport on a perfect autumnal day that had bright sunshine and calm sea conditions. The two dive boats were full to capacity with divers and snorkelers and the dive was conducted in one stick thanks to the presence of dry coxswains, John Joe Rowland and Niamh Huston. 

The dive site at Green Island consists of a beautiful swim through that was started from the Arranmore side and conducted out towards the deeper water on the west side. To the west of the swim through is a gully that separates Green Island from a large exposed rock, which is guarded by a number of significant submerged rocks, ideal for the divers and snorkelers in Sunday morning’s dive party. On the Arranmore coastline the bed rock has been sculptured into sea stacks, caves and coves – all of which are ideal for the snorkelers in the dive party. 

For a number of the dive party it was their first opportunity to dive Green Island and along with our visitors for the day it was a perfect example of just what diving with Sheephaven is all about. 

Pristine water, abundant marine life, uncluttered slipways and great company that allows Sheephaven divers to experience a dive that compares favourably with the very best diving at home or abroad. 

Thanks once again to the club members who towed boats to and from Burtonport, without their assistance this wonderful dive just would not have happened.

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