Sheephaven Sub Aqua

Aug 24 2014 Posted by Office Administraton


Well done to all the Sheephaven divers who got to dive last weekend despite the very poor weather. The club dived Melmore Head on Saturday morning and at the First Narrows on Sunday morning. On the Melmore Head dive, led by Kevin Boylan,the diver’s encountered good in-water visibility of up to 10 meters! On this site marine life is excellent. In addition to the rocks, overhangs and gullies on site there is also the remains of a small steel trawler, which has become well imbedded in the sand and is now home to an increasing array of marine life, including lobster, brown crab and conger eels.

Sunday morning’s trainee dive was led by Joe Neely and was conducted as a drift dive at the First Narrows into Mulroy Bay. As always a drift dive is an exhilarating affair and at this particular location it can be fast and furious. It is a great way for a diver to perfect their buoyancy technique. The area is renowned for its abundant and diverse species on site.