Sheephaven Sub Aqua Club – Mulroy Bay

Nov 12 2014 Posted by Office Administraton

Sheephaven9th November 2014.

Sheephaven divers had a super dive in Mulroy Bay on Saturday morning at Pan Rock. The Kevin Boylan led dive benefited from perfect weather, on a crisp November morning that had no wind and lovely sunshine.

While air temperature was down to 3 degrees Celsius in-water the temperature was close to 10 degrees Celsius, unfortunately now slowly decreasing as the colder weather begins to take effect.

It was expected that in-water visibility would also be significantly reduced but there was easily 10 metres of horizontal visibility in the upper reaches of the water column.

Lower down at greater than 25 meters the visibility was very much reduced with little more than a meter at the best of times.

Dive times of up to 40 minutes were recorded for the dive party which included returning members to the club after a few years absence and indeed what a dive to return to!

The most memorable marine life observed during the dive was the observation of a number of Thornback Rays, which have been conspicuous by the absence over the recent years – culminating a great mornings diving on a perfect day.

Sheephaven divers had another great morning for diving on Sunday morning with a dive party putting out from Mevagh for Campbells Bed, while simultaneously another group of Sheephaven snorkelers put out from PortnaBlagh pier.

The bright sunshine shone through the clear waters of Campbells Bed in an most eerie way and at 10 metres set up a wonderfully picturesque scene, which can been posted on the Sheephaven Facebook page Sheephaven SAC.

The maximum depth recorded at Campbells Bed was nearly 15 meters and the longest dive was 50 minutes, conducted by none other than Paul Mc Cabe and in this case his unfortunate buddy Simon Henderson.

In-water temperature was no warmer than 10 degrees Celsius while the air temperature started off at 5 degrees Celsius but got warmer as the morning progressed.

The dive was conducted in one stick, once again thanks to the generosity of Dry Coxswains in the presence of Robin Law and Brendan Proctor.

A great morning diving that was blessed with the most wonderful weather conditions that could be expected in early November.

While the Campbell’s Bed dive was underway the Sunday morning snorkel carried on from PortrnaBlagh pier and despite the huge swell roaring into the bay ahead of a significant depression out in the Atlantic some of the snorkelers made it over to Killyhoey Beach and back in a time of 1 hour 20 minutes.

Finally Sheephaven SAC wish to extend their sincere condolences to club member Kieran Doherty and his family on the sad passing of his uncle John Friel. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam.