Sheephaven SAC News

Nov 07 2013 Posted by Office Administraton

As always one of the reasons for Sheephaven SAC being formed in the 1970’s is the Search and Recovery element of diving remains a significant focus for our diving activities into 2014. The club members who provide voluntary SAR capabilities to the community in times of tragedy in the water had the opportunity to work together on three separate occasion in October both in open water line search patterns and in also in the pool familiarising themselves with the new full face masks purchased for the SAR Unit.

However as always is the case in Sheephaven SAC the most important impact on the club every year is the intake of new Trainees and in 2013 we were very fortunate to have new club members whose input of enthusiasm and energy moved the club forward in a positive way. Sheephaven SAC has always valued the injection of new blood that Trainees provide and in that regard the club announces that it will commence the intake of the 2014 Trainees over the new few weeks, under the guidance of the Training Officer Joe Neely.

Anyone who wants to start the Trainee programme can contact Joe Neely on 086 1270897, who will advise them as to what is involved. The programme starts on the 28th November 2013 with a Try-A-Dive in Mevagh Dive Centre swimming pool, meeting at 8.00pm, during which prospective Trainees can experience Scuba Diving in a safe and controlled environment.

Moving into the winter months the expectation is that we will continue to dive Saturday mornings, meeting at 8.30am under the leadership of Kevin Boylan. The Sunday Dive Rota is posted on the club website and Facebook page and it details the Dive Officers of the Day until early December. It is expected to keep Sunday diving as long as the weather holds, in this case meeting at 10.00am at the clubhouse, however should the conditions be unfavourable for diving we will snorkel from PortnaBlagh, again meeting at 10.00am.

Finally Sheephaven SAC look forward to the Christmas Party, organised by the clubs Entertainment Officer’s Anne Boyle and Eillen Coll. Once again it will be held in The Singing Pub Downings, this year on Saturday 14th December and all club members past and present are welcome to attend. It is always a highlight of the clubs social calendar and an opportunity to meet up and tell all the old dive stories once again.

Anne Boyle, Pan Rock