Sheephaven SAC Dive Notes

Feb 26 2018 Posted by Office Administraton

As the winter of 2017 -2018 continues with its icy grip on Irish weather its effect in the water is more evident on each passing week, as in-water temperatures continue to decline.

Last week Sheephaven divers experienced water temperature of 3 degrees Celsius at Dunloan Rock, a location close to the open sea which would ordinarily be expected to be over 7 degrees Celsius at this time of year.

Nonetheless the Sheephaven Saturday morning divers availed of a drift dive that sent them along a course of over a kilometre in 20 minutes, a speed of over 1.5knots in the flooding tide from Dunloan Rock to Knox’s Hole.

The First Narrows drift dives are always exciting, as the divers gets pulled along by the tide the sea bed whips past and the cold water is quickly forgotten as the thrill of the dive takes hold.

The Kevin Boylan led boat dive was conducted in two sticks, with a maximum depth of 25 metres being conducted for a surface to surface time of 30 minutes.

PortnaBlagh Harbour was quite peaceful on Sunday morning and allowed some divers to conduct a 30 minute dive to a maximum depth of 10 metres.

In-water visibility was poor, no greater than a few metres, while the water temperature at this location at 7 degrees Celsius was warmer than Saturday, due to its closer proximity to the open sea.

Other club members got an excellent snorkel in the calm conditions, as they were able to explore the nearby caves and coastline to their full effect.

So despite the prolonged winter weather Sheephaven divers have continued with their weekend routine of dives and snorkels, but would appreciate the arrival of warmer conditions anytime soon.