Sheephaven New Members

Feb 18 2014 Posted by Office Administraton

Sheephaven SAC has been fortunate over its existence to have young members join the club, with more than one club member going on to be a commercial diver as a result. New trainees are an important part of the organisation as their enthusiasm and energy is a great motivator for the more established club members and these young trainees will hopefully become the future leaders of the club in years ahead. The minimum age for commencing scuba diving in CFT is 14 years of age and while Sheephaven welcomes these young trainees it also has as a place for divers of all ages and abilities, from all dive affiliations or indeed none.

Sunday mornings snorkel was moved to Woodquarter as the predicted swell driven by the north-westerly winds powered their way into PortnaBlagh, making conditions unsuitable for the trainees.  Here they got to experience the colder in-water conditions that prevail at this location, recorded as low as 3 degrees Celsius on Sunday morning, as the snorkelled from the pier out to the island and back. The water was cold enough and calm enough to observe a thermocline in the water, which is a visible but opaque boundary of water separating water layers of different temperatures. The thermocline was particularly obvious around the back of the island, a consequence of the cold storm water that has poured into the system over the recent past.

Finally CFT have just announced an Underwater Photograph Course to be held in May 2014, based at the Killary Adventure Centre, near Leenane, Co. Galway. The course will be put up on COMS shortly and will be delivered by course tutors that have an international reputation as underwater photographers. It is a residential course and from previous experience it is highly recommended both for its content and the dive site locationssheephaven