Sheephaven Diving & Diver Coxwains

May 21 2015 Posted by Office Administraton

Sheephaven Sub Aqua Club were busy diving on wrecks last Saturday morning when they
conducted a shore dive from Cranford Pier.
The divers set out to find the wooden trawler sunk on its moorings about 250 meters out from the pier but unexpectedly came across two other sunken wrecks instead.

They are both big wrecks, one steel and the other wooden and have gone down in contact with
each other making for a very interesting wreck dive at a depth of around 11 meters.

One of the wrecks has its wheelhouse pretty much intact and a diver can pass through from one
side to the other with little difficulty.

The holds of both wrecks are also open and can be viewed by a diver from the outside, however
the wrecks are heavily encrusted with marine growth, which when disturbed reduces the in-water visibility from less than 5 meters to unfortunately very little indeed.

Dive times of 50 minutes were recorded to a maximum depth of 11m, while in-water temperature was a surprising and quite comfortable 11 degrees Celsius.

Meanwhile back in the clubhouse on Saturday morning Sheephaven SAC were hosting a Diver
Coxswain course, which had 11 candidates from Donegal Bay, Dungannon, Inishowen,
Sheephaven, Sligo and Strabane Sub Aqua Clubs in attendance.

Course Director Joe Neely from Sheephaven SAC was assisted by instructors from Sheephaven, Sligo and Strabane and they delivered the theory element of the course to the candidates on Saturday.  The practical element of the course is to be undertaken by the candidates in their home clubs.2015-05-17 Sheephaven SAC Sunday Morning Divers, Mevagh,   Co. Donegal.

The candidates will now go on to conduct a series of supervised boat hours over the summer
diving season and by the autumn they will be able to undergo the Coxswain test, which will
qualify them to take the helm of a dive boat.


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