Sheephaven Dive Notes

Dec 25 2017 Posted by Office Administraton


24th December 2017.

With the onset of the festive season Sheephaven divers continued with their diving activities on Friday and Sunday mornings.

Friday morning was the day after the Winter Solstice and as dawn broke it was on an especially calm and peaceful setting at Mevagh Boatyard.

The tranquil conditions on the water produced a mirror reflection of the boats moored offshore and represented the best of Donegal diving on a winters morning.

The dive was to the nearby First Narrows at Dunloan Rock and it was conducted in one stick thanks to Simon Henderson who provided Dry Coxswain duties on the day.

Maximum depth on site was 25 metres and the in-water conditions were what would be expected at the end of December, with a water temperature of 8 degrees Celsius and a horizontal visibility of no greater than 4 metres.

Marine life remains quite, the big Conger Eels remain in their lairs but will take a peek out to see the divers and there are a few Lobsters about, but no fish – which is no great surprise considering the number of Seals that accompanied the divers during the dive.

In contrast to the settled conditions on Friday, the weather for the Christmas Eve Sheephaven Santa Snorkel was blustery with squally showers.

There was a big turnout of club members in PortnaBlagh and despite the windy conditions the sea was quite settled due to direction of the southerly wind.

Sheephaven snorkelling is a very significant feature of the clubs in-water activities and the Santa Snorkel is always well supported.

This year we had the full range of the harbour to enjoy until the cold eventually drove everyone out and off to Lizzies for a very well deserved breakfast.