Sheephaven Dive Notes – Better Weather

Apr 19 2018 Posted by Office Administraton

Sheephaven divers took full advantage last week of the improved weather conditions and the calmer seas that followed as a result.

Over the week a series of club diver’s snorkelled from Portnablagh harbour across the bay to Killyhoey Beach, a distance of 1.5km and a good 20 minutes away.

As the week progressed in-water conditions improved to a point where horizontal visibility was well over 10 metres, allowing the divers a panoramic view of the seabed throughout their snorkel, with the Sunday morning snorkelers getting the full benefit of the much improved weather

Meanwhile at a National level recreational diving development continues in Ireland with six Irish Underwater Council (CFT) candidates who are going forward for their Mon 3 exam this year, one of which is Sheephaven’s own Anne Boyle.

The Monitor 3 grade represents the highest level of teaching and technical competence as well as the highest diving grade in Irish recreational diving

The Mon 3 grade is the culmination of many years of study and diving, as the candidate’s progress from their initial Trainee days, through to Leading Diver and in due course into the Instructor or Monitor programme.

Divers awarded with the Mon 3 Grade allows them to be elected or nominated to the CFT Technical Commission and to hold the position of President of the Technical Commission (NDO).  It also allows preparing and carrying out diving courses and tests under the direction of the NDO and Technical Commission and acting as Jury President on CFT tests

The Mon 3 examination is carried out in four segments: 1 written theory assessment, 2 a prepared lecture and Jury President Role play exercise, 3. prerequisite water/scuba fitness and navigation assessment, 4. practical assessment.

All six candidates successfully passed the theory test on 10th and 11th February last in exam halls in the North, Dublin and Galway regions and the lecture element took place on Saturday 7th April last in the Science Halls at NUIG.

Candidates can now look forward to Section 3, an in-water fitness test due to take place in June. On successful completion candidates can move forward to the fourth and final element, a practical assessment of diving and instruction skills, over a number of days intensive diving in Inishbofin, Co. Galway.

So well done to Anne and her colleagues for getting this far in the process, as it a true reflection of not just their academic ability but also of their determination to see a very exacting process through to a successful conclusion.