Sheephaven Dive Notes

Nov 24 2018 Posted by Office Administraton

Sheephaven Search and Recovery Unit were requested to assist in the search for a person at Buncrana, who has been missing since Sunday evening last.

The S&R Unit were tasked by Irish Coastguard, after they were contacted by An Gardai Siochana, who were themselves in contact with the PSNI in Derry, from where the missing person is from.

Sheephaven S&R were called out on Monday morning and spent the daylight hours in an underwater search along Buncrana Pier and later at a distance out from the suspected last place the person had known to have been.

The divers were back at low water which was at daybreak the following morning and in conjunction with the RNLI conducted a walk search out from the shoreline northwards along the Buncrana shorefront and then moving out a distance further from the shoreline came back in the opposite direction.

When the water became too deep on the return search to walk, the Sheephaven S&R members then dived the remaining section to a point some distance from the end of the pier, which concluded the search.

While the divers are satisfied that they, the RNLI and the Irish Coastguard had thoroughly examined every possible part of the search area, unfortunately the person involved still remains missing.

Kevin Boylan, who was Dive Officer of the Day, thanked all the divers and snorkelers who were involved over the two days and especially to Noel Brennan who, over Monday evening, went to Downings and filled bottles in preparation for Tuesday mornings search.