Seasearch Biodiversity Initiative

Nov 24 2015 Posted by Office Administraton

Seasearch Ireland has asked divers to assist Biodiversity Ireland in their next Swatch initiative.

They are looking to put together a crab swatch with the National Biodiversity Data Centre, similar to the ones done for ladybirds and butterflies.

Check out ( where they are looking for photos to be
included in the swatch.
If anyone’s interested in submitting photos send them to .
They are particularly keen on getting photos of some of the less common species such as
Liocarcinus navigator (sometimes listed as L. arcuatus), L. holstatus, L. corrugatus, the long
clawed squat lobster (Munida rugosa) and crayfish (Palinurus elphas).

In this case a ‘swatch’ is a small bundle of identifying cards, which can be used to inform
anyone interested in the species involved. Any assistance at all would be very much Crabs
appreciated indeed.