Safety Message from NDO

Jul 14 2014 Posted by Office Administraton

Now that the dive season is in full swing I would like to remind you to remain vigilant whilst diving. As CFT/CMAS divers we train and prepare as best we can for problems that we may encounter. Our dive sites are full of wonderful distractions which are the reason we dive. We must not be tempted to push the boundaries of our built in safety precautions. It occurs to me that it may well be the unexpected Incident Pit“small” issues which can take us unawares and put us in danger. This is sometimes referred to as the “Incident pit”. Basically, small issues if not addressed can build up into a dangerous situation. Here is one version of the Incident Pit.
If on a dive you are not comfortable for any reason consider aborting your dive or adjusting the dive profile to a more conservative one. Please be vigilant at all times on or under the water regardless of how shallow you are. Keep focused during the dive brief and buddy checks and don’t allow them to become a mantra. I have come across divers who declare during their buddy checks “xxx Bar, Air tastes good no flicker” and they had not looked at their gauge. This is not safe practice. This is a sign of complacency setting in and a lack of awareness of what the buddy check is all about.
We are on the eve of another Regional Dive Rally where large numbers of divers will gather for some great diving and socialising. This is what our organisation is all about and one of the highlights of the season. Please play your part in making this weekend and every other dive this season safe and enjoyable. Review your training, the CFT Rules and Recommendations and the depth limitations for your grade.


They are there for you and your dive buddy’s safety and enjoyment so please take extra care to ensure you know and dive within these.

Safe Diving,
Dermot Moynihan
National Diving Officer.

Message previously circulated on 3rd July 2014