Portroe survey project

Feb 17 2012 Posted by Office Administraton

Are you interested in helping to survey and map Portroe quarry?

I have agreed to pull together a team of enthusiasts to undertake a systematic underwater mapping exercise over the next 6 months leading to a new graphic image to take the place of the temporary one which Rory so skilfully put together before the opening of the dive center.  I’m looking for volunteers to undertake the measuring and surveying tasks but we’ll also need experienced underwater surveyors willing to train novices and helping us set up  mechanisms to reduce errors.  If you are interested in joining the team please let me know and we’ll form a “management group” to plan the project and assign tasks.  If you want to just do a few hours occasionally – that’s fine too – just let me know what level of involvement you would like to take on.  I’m quite happy to record results and draft maps but if we have any IT gurus with the skills and software – please step forwards J.  Just get in touch and tell me your interests/skills etc. adrian.thomas@ul.ie