Paddys Day Swim

Mar 24 2014 Posted by Office Administraton

We had a very enjoyable morning out at the annual Patricks Day Swim this year. The weather cleared and the seas calmed making for  a very attainable and enjoyable  challenge for the 85 Snorkelers who registered for the event.

 The tidal conditions in the sound allowed those “in the know” to swim down to the peoples park and “catch the elevator” to the south end of the island. Under the watchful eyes of the four cover boats the snorkelers swam under the shadow of the Dalkey island fort and then north into the outer sound. paddys day 2

 Seals lazing on rocks in the early spring sunshine  watched the swimmers as they rounded the south end of the island into the Dublin bay navigating for seal bay with an escort of young seals  keeping pace. Some of the more adventurous struck out east to come around the Muglins and back to the north tip, the additional distance is to this route is apx 2 kilometres. Not for the feint hearted, figuratively speaking. Our enthused snorkelers swam past the point rock and over the coral garden to Davies point and North rock on the final leg of what some consider an expedition and some see as a gentle mornings exercise.

 Once  around north rock our swimmers could “hug” the island for 500mts or so and then head west back to the starting point in the historic Collimore harbour. Spurred on by our doe eyed and flipperd audience it was a simple case of head down and kick for the final 500mts back to the harbour wall.

 On the return with smirks of personal achievement our aquine warriors checked back in with the shore marshal and were relieved of their numbered tag. The swim is  very much a an event rather than a competition the fastest time recorded was 43 minutes. The average was 90.  A brief walk to the refreshments table and  happy smiles were rewarded with hot drinks and fresh ham smbos. Most stayed to talk and catch up with faces coming out of a winter hibernation and not seen since October. Tactics were discussed and times (some questionable) were compared. paddys day 3

 With a final look back at the island our swimmers headed for home, some thinking about where they are going to do their first dive of 2014, some thinking about the next swim. All went home with a smile.

 Thank you to all who participated representing 4 regions 18 clubs and 2 dive organisations.

 A special note of thanks to

Wicklow SAC
Atlantis SAC
Curragh SAC

For supplying support boats coxns.


Also of note
Marlin SAC
Atlantis SAC
For shore management, refreshments  and support.


A note of appreciation to those who did the favors and “small jobs” that needed doing.


Through donation a total of €1050 was raised for the Dunlaoghaire RNLI

And finally (drum role)……..

 for the Ann Burrows Prepetual trophy with highest % of club members attending,

3rd Place was tied between Trident SAC and Curragh SAC
2nd place was tied between Atlantis SAC (the 2013 winners) and True Blue SAC.

 1st place goes to……..

Wicklow SAC.

Again a thanks to all – next stop in Dublin is August and the Dublin regional dive weekend.

Will hopefully see you all there.