Feb 21 2014 Posted by Office Administraton

Who are we?

We are a non-for profit organization that believes in protecting the environment against marine litter, as we share a common passion for the ocean and we are dedicated to caring for the coastline. We do so by raising awareness about the problem and by mobilizing citizens with our Ocean Initiatives programs. Our goal is to sustain the oceans and protect the environment.

This year we do so with our new campaign that focusses on the waste at the coastline, as well as in the inland.

« If you drop it on the land, it ends up in the sea »

In fact, 80% of marine litter originates from land and ends up at the coast throughout the effects of wind and rain. Therefore, it is time to act!

How do we make a difference?

A simple action can have a major impact on our environment and this is the goal of our program. Ocean initiatives are actions for collecting waste in combination with raising awareness for the problem of marine litter. The great thing is that everyone can create such an action either at the beach, a river, a lake or in the city.

In order to support your Ocean Initiative, you will be supplied with a free kit of items that will help you to carry out your action for waste collection. These are for example a pedagogical banner, a T-Shirt with the artwork of our new campaign and bin bags for the collection of the waste.

What can you do?

So if you do share the same passion for the ocean and the environment, then sign up your own action on our website Ocean Initiatives.

If you have further questions concerning our Ocean Initiatives program, do not hesitate to contact me.

Simon Janssen


Ocean Initiatives Coordination Europe