National Citizen Science Marine Monitoring Scheme or “Adopt a site”

May 16 2016 Posted by Office Administraton

DSC00686 If you were at the Dive Show or have had the misfortune to bump into me while diving then you know that this year Seasearch Ireland are signing up new and existing members to a new “Adopt a site” scheme. The aim of the scheme is to get clubs and interested individuals to record biodiversity at a single site, across 5 monthly dives from May to September and record the abundance of some of the common and easily identifiable species regularly seen by divers. This will allow clubs to track changes at the local level of their own site and the national data can be used to track trends in over all abundance, while the 5 dive spread will allow us to track trends in phrenology (and better yet when’s best to go looking for your favourite species) and pinpoint sites with unusual or unique species. Training will be provided on a regional basis or a dive at a site of interest can be organised for clubs that have to travel to dive. If you’re interested in joining the scheme, whether as a club or an individual, contact Rory:  or Seasearch Ireland on Facebook.