IUC Go Membership Information

May 21 2018 Posted by Office Administraton

Well it is finally here…

IUC Go Membership is Live







Many thanks for supporting the Irish Underwater Council.
In an effort to improve our membership management we are very excited to introduce you to our brand new Membership and Event system provided by GoMembership.
This system has been designed to enable you as members to:

  • Renew your membership
  • Maintain your own member profile
  • Pay online via direct debit or credit card for membership if permitted by your club rules and regulations
  • Maintain your qualifications and credentials
  • Book onto IUC courses and events
  • We will go through some of the areas of Go Membership is a little bit more detail below to get you started off.

We will go through some of the areas of Go Membership is a little bit more detail below to get you started off.
New Membership Status

If you have already logged into your new Go Membership Profile you may have noticed some of our common phrases and statuses have changed.

Current has now been replaced with Registered. Members who have a Registered Status are fully paid up and insured members of IUC who have completed their medical assessment, online medical disclaimer and pool fitness test requirements.
Pending has now been replaced with Awaiting Approval. Members who have an Awaiting Approval Status have paid their insurance fee to IUC but have not completed all their medical assessment, online medical disclaimer and pool fitness test requirements.
Lapsed remains Lapsed with our system. Members who have a Lapsed Status have not renewed and paid their insurance to IUC.
Some of our Registered members may have notice that their medical assessment and pool fitness test dates are missing from their profile.  As I am sure you can understand there is a huge amount of data that must be individually inputted by the office staff. As such the medical assessment date and fitness to dive dates are being inputting with priority to Awaiting Approval and Lapsed members. Once this is complete we will be able to input the dates for our Registered members.

Membership Profiles

The New Go Membership system offers our members a chance to personalise their membership profiles more than ever before. 

  • Insert a profile picture and update your basic details on the first page.
  • Make sure you Emergency Contact is updated on the second page.
  • Opt in or opt out of Go Membership communications on the third page.
  • Have you got a credential such as a First Aid, DFR, Garda Vetting (must be vetted through IUC) or safeguarding qualification? Then send them for approval on the forth page.
  • The same with our IUC Qualifications on the fifth page.

Members might be wondering why their Emergency contact details did not migrate over. Due to GDPR guidelines we were unable to migrate data not specifically identifying our members. This will also give all our members the opportunity to make sure their emergency contact information is up to date. Please ensure you complete this information asap.

Fitness to Dive Requirements
Some of our members might have noticed some changes to our Fitness to Dive Requirements are. We have moved away from the three green tick system but please note the Fitness to Dive requirements remain the same for all our Diving Members.

All Full Divers and Student Divers must complete the three stages of Fitness to Dive before they will be classified as a Registered Member and be insured to dive under the IUC Insurance.

To check out how your membership is looking fitness to dive wise check out the Member Details Page in your personal profile. You will see the three sections:

Medical Disclaimer
Fitness Test
Medical Assessment
Only the Club Diving Officer has the ability to change the dates on members Fitness Test and Medical Assessment so please make sure to notify your Club Diving Officer when you have completed your medical assessment.

The Medical Disclaimer form is new this year but may look familiar, it is the same form as the IUC 409 Medical Assessment form as brought in by our Medical Officer in 2017.

To all our members with a Registered Status, you have been marked as Registered because you completed your medical disclaimer on the COMs system and were a Current member. You are all currently insured under our IUC insurance, however we would request that you take the time to complete this new online medical disclaimer as well particularly if you have had any changes in your health or medical conditions recently.

Documents and Courses

As some of you may have noticed we are working on uploading to the Documents section and the Courses section. At the moment the priority is to get all the past and future courses for 2018 uploaded. Our new course system is quite in-depth and can give a huge amount of information about courses which we will make use of in the future but for now the courses that have been completed already in 2018 will just hold the details provided when the course was set up. That is the course provider, cost, name and the organiser.

Keep an eye on our courses in future and you will hopefully be pleasantly surprised.

The document section which was hosted by the old system will be established both on the new Go Membership system and on the www.diving.ie website. This will take some time but please email in for any documents you require to run or participate in courses and we will email you them asap.