IUC 401 Training and Standards Manual – Update

Nov 02 2018 Posted by Office Administraton

The Training and Standards manual has been updated to Revision 7.  This revision included the following updates

  • Updated information on incident reporting.
  • Updated Diver1* and Diver2** tests which removes the requirement for single source buddy breathing .
  • DFR/DFR instructor section updated .
  • M2** jury order requirements revised to allow for prerequisite jury’s to be completed in any order . This was revised as some candidates were facing unnecessary delays in progressing to M2** due to a shortage of rescue or other non-jury courses . The required jury’s remain the same but can be completed in any order . However the M2** juror course must be completed initially as was previously the case .

You can get the updated version 7 of the Training and Standards Manual HERE or by logging into Go Membership and entering the documents section.