Irish Underwater Council Go Membership next glimpse

May 13 2018 Posted by Office Administraton

So what will the fitness to dive section of the new Go Membership system look like…will I still get my three green ticks?

Well the answer is above and we are moving on to a more modern system with a  more modern touch so say goodbye to the three green ticks. Have a look at the glimpse above for your first look at the new Fitness to Dive section of Go Membership. You are still required to complete the three sections before you will become a registered and insured member of IUC. The online medical disclaimer is first up, it has been adapted to mirror the IUC 409 Medical Assessment Form. Keep an eye on the next glimpse to get a look at this new online annual medical disclaimer.

Next up is the Pool Fitness test and the Medical Assessment. These are the same as they were on COMs and can only be completed and validated by your Club Diving Officer. Have a quick look below to see what they will look like:



Next up we will look at the Annual Medical Disclaimer in a bit more detail…