Introducing ISA SafeTrx – the app that can save lives at sea

Aug 03 2013 Posted by Office Administraton

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The Irish Sailing Association is delighted to announce ISA SafeTrx; a free Smartphone app designed to save lives on the water. Developed in association with Irish Coast Guard and DeCare Systems Ireland, ISA SafeTrx allows boat and leisure craft owners to log their voyages directly from their Smartphone which can then be accessed and monitored by their chosen contacts as well as the Coast Guard.

“Safetrx takes the Search out of Search and Rescue. It encourages all sea users to plan and execute their trip better, safer and gives assurance to friends and partners ashore”
Chris Reynolds, Irish Coast Guard

Available for both Android & Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad), ISA SafeTrx logs position reports every kilometre (or 

Voyage position reports are displayed on the SafeTrx Monitoring Console so where an Emergency Contact calls the Coast Guard concerning an overdue trip, the Coast Guard will have access to the user’s location and SafeTrx trip data through a secure SafeTrx server. As the ISA SafeTrx app periodically sends location data back to the servers, the Coast Guard’s response team can get help directly and quickly.every 5 minutes if stationary). Should the user fail to return on time their Emergency Contacts will be alerted via SMS and advised to initiate the appropriate action.

ISA SafeTrx is simple to use. Just follow the 4 easy steps:

1.       Download the app for free

2.       Register your boat and emergency contact details

3.       Enter your trip details and ETA. Tap ‘Set Sail’

4.       Arrive at destination, tap ‘End Trip’

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