Go Membership System…glimpse number three

May 13 2018 Posted by Office Administraton

Now to have a look at the Annual Medical Disclaimer in a bit more detail. As before all Scuba Diving Members are required to complete this online Medical Disclaimer annually in order to become a insured member of the Irish Underwater Council.

The form has been adapted to mirror the IUC 409 Medical Assessment form which came into use in 2017. You will need to complete all sections on this form including your GP Details, declare any medications currently being taken and any changes in medical status. There is a list of medical questions to follow and space to give further information if you answer yes. This is a good time to remind all members that failure to disclose a medical condition may invalidate your insurance. These forms and requirements are here for your health and safety and to enable you to dive safe!

At the end of the Annual Medical Disclaimer you will see some familiar statements that you are asked to read carefully and to acknowledge and confirm that you have answered the medical questions truthfully and that your GP had certified you fit to dive according to the requirements of the IUC 409 Medical Assessment Form. Finally there are acknowledgements that you have read and understood the Diving Rules and Regulations of the IUC (IUC 401) and the Child Protection Policy (IUC 228) and agree to abide by both.

IUC Go Membership is compliant with GDPR guidelines and has no pre ticked boxes, by ticking the box at the end of the Annual Medical Disclaimer you are accepting the rules and regulations laid down in the Diving Rules and Regulations (IUC 401) and the Child Protection Policy (IUC 228).

As previously the only person to have access to completing your annual medical disclaimer is yourself. The Medical Officer will have access to view the completed form and request further tests or documentation as is required.

One of our new features with Go Membership is the tracking of your annual medical disclaimers, that is you will be able to see any annual medical disclaimer that you completed on our new Go Membership system which in the future will help with changes in medical condition and ease of completing the forms. The new system also gives you the opportunity to submit medical disclaimers throughout the year instead of having to contact the medical officer directly should there be any changes in your health.


Next time we will look at buying and renewing memberships…