Go Membership Glimpse number 5

May 14 2018 Posted by Office Administraton

There is always a worry with any new system that members and staff will find it difficult to get to grips with. But as our country is changing and adapting so much in the past few years we will also work together as an organisation to adapt to our new membership system. There are a number of tutorials available on the Go Membership system that all members are suggested to have a look at. These are available in your main membership site and will step your through some of the processes you might need to undertake to get your membership profile up and running.


The main tutorials available are:

  • How to edit my personal details
  • How to buy a membership
  • How to submit and enquiry
  • How to book onto a course
  • How to add a new credential/qualification

We will have to work together to ensure all of our members are comfortable using the new system and we know you will be patient and understanding with the staff and volunteers who will be learning to use all the aspects of the new system alongside our members. Together we can step into the future and make sure that the Irish Underwater Council adapts with the times successfully.