Go Fourth with another Glimpse at the IUC Go Membership System

May 14 2018 Posted by Office Administraton

Have a look at the membership section of the new Go Membership system above. With membership divided into three sections…Diving, Snorkel and Other…the three sections show the distinctive benefits of your membership type. In the diving section we have Full Diver and Student Diver. The Snorkel sections holds Senior Snorkel Diver, Student Snorkel Diver and Junior Snorkel Diver. And then our no less important other membership section holds the Non-Diving and Underwater Hockey Memberships.

A new feature of our Go Membership system is that no matter which membership you choose you will be able to declare yourself as an Underwater hockey player. This will enable us to keep a better track on the numbers playing Underwater Hockey in Ireland and will bring our competitive sport more to light in the eyes of organisations such as Sport Ireland and The Federation of Irish Sport.

Once you chose your membership type you will be asked to confirm if you want to receive the Subsea magazine and the monthly ezine newsletters. PLEASE NOTE YOU MUST CONFIRM IF YOU WANT TO RECEIVE THESE BY TICKING THE INDIVIDUAL BOXES. Again this is to comply with GDPR guidelines and those who do not confirm their wish to received SubSea and/or the ezines will not receive them.

Next time…a look at the walk throughs and tutorials available on the new Go Membership system…