Mar 28 2013 Posted by Office Administraton

Futurefit-logo-211x218The Federation of Irish Sport has teamed up with Future Fit in a programme sponsored by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (“SEAI”) which is designed to increase energy efficiency of sports clubs thereby reducing operating costs.


It is estimated that clubs could save up to €3,000 a year through energy efficiency. This could amount to cost savings of in excess of €10 million across sports clubs in Ireland as a whole. Indeed, research from the SEAI would indicate that savings of 10-20% could be made by many sports clubs through behavioural and/or low cost changes.


The programme entitled “Energy Fit” is being run on a pilot basis initially and is entirely FREE for eligible clubs. We enclose a brochure which sets out criteria for inclusion in the programme and details of how to get involved.


It is intended that participation in the programme will not only help improve the financial standing of sports clubs at a time of unprecedented economic challenge but also enhance the environmental footprint of sports for the benefit of this and future generations.


We would ask that you would circulate details of the programme to your clubs and encourage them to get involved. Please do not hesitate to contact Paul O’Connor of Future Fit on 086 343 3368 if you require further information or feel there may be specific sports clubs that might benefit.


You can click on this link for more detail:×218.jpg