Dublin Wreck Diving: Sir Charles Napier

Sep 14 2012 Posted by Office Administraton

Name of Wreck: Sir Charles Napier

Diving Grade required:  Experienced Trainee Diver due to location & currents


Location: North, West, 53 16 098 N 005 55  803 W
Access: Rib from Dun Laoghaire
Minimum Depth to Wreck 6m (top)
Maximum Depth to Seabed: 8 to 10m (at Sea bed)
Average Visibility: 5m+


History of Wreck:

  • The Sir Charles Napier was a full-rigged, 3 masted, sailing ship, of 638 tons.
  • Built in 1841 and wrecked on the Kish Bank in 1857.
  • Her cargo was cast iron goods when she ran aground. The quantity of iron was blamed on the inaccuracy of the compass readings which put her on the Kish Bank.
  • Apparently some large pieces of machinery (cargo) are visible, though little else of the vessel remains to be seen
  • Shifting sands cover and uncover new finds.


Diving the Wreck:

  • The wreck lies on the Kish Bank South of the Bolivar.
  • Co-ordinates (TBC).
  • Best dived 1.5hr before high water, 1hr before low water Dublin Port.
  • The maximum depth of the seabed around this wreck is about 8 to 10 metres but may vary due to the shifting sands.
  • Visibility generally good (5 meters plus)
  • Suitable for trainee divers but be aware that if you get the tides wrong you may be swept away from the wreck so an SMB is essential
  • Fish, lobsters, congers etc. and some artefacts lying around. As the sands shift regularly there is always something new to see and find.


Transit time to dive site:

  • Approx. 25 minutes from Dun Laoghaire to site



  • Current can be strong if the tides are missed so either reel off from the shot line. Deploy an SMB if the shot is missed on ascent.



Normal NDL’s & stops should apply for this dive.


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Map for general reference only (Ref. Dublin University SAC)