Dive Ireland Talk: Diving & 1916

Feb 25 2016 Posted by Office Administraton

dr-eddie-bourke_0Dr Eddie Bourke has been diving for 30 years with Viking Sub Aqua club in Dublin and developed an interest in shipwrecks through diving. He is the author of three volumes of shipwrecks off the Irish coast and a photo book on shipwrecks as well as the story of the Tayleur.

He is also the author of the Story of Guinness – the family, the business and the black stuff. Currently working on a history of spying in the war of independence, he is interested in all aspects of maritime and Irish history. Eddie will be talking about the links that are still alive between the Irish today and the 1916 Rising, looking at both the Aud and the Helga shipwrecks and their history.


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