Dalkey Island Swim

Feb 08 2013 Posted by Office Administraton

Well it’s the start of the season again and with it comes snorkel training, something which, some of us love and then there’s those who aren’t too crazy about it. Falling out of bed on those cold mornings into even colder water, sometimes must make you think you are mad. Then you get out and the shock of the cold water is pushed aside by the warmth of the swim, you begin to realise that it’s not that bad at all. You are out with your club mates socialising in a place that is not frequented by most and getting fit at the same time. Some people treat it as just a way to get signed off to dive but for others it’s a little different.  They use it as an opportunity to blow off the cobwebs and get in gear for the Dalkey Island Swim. An event where all that effort you put in on those dreary weekend mornings is rewarded with a fantastic swim around one of  South Dublin’s most well know marine landmarks.

The event takes place on Paddy’s Day every year out of Coliemore Harbour and goes around Dalkey Island itself, with some brave souls throwing a trip around the Muglins in for good measure.  You don’t have to be super fit or uber competitive for it, there always a friendly cover boat to lend assistance if you need it. However, that being said if you are of the competitive persuasion, then you could always go for the fastest time. Or from a club side get as many of your club out in the water to be in with a chance to win the coveted Anne Burrows Cup, will it be stolen away from Marlin SAC this year? Of course just getting out and reconnecting with people you haven’t seen in a while is one of the best things about this event while hopefully raising some money for the RNLI and the fantastic work they do.

Whatever your reason, it is a great opportunity to show that Dublin Bay is a place of recreation. A place in which, over the last couple of years has started to become a whole different marine environment. Where new species are staring to call home and not so new are beginning to thrive. Somewhere, were a lot of prople from the Dublin South region have learned to dive and have some very unique memories and hopefully a place where more fond memories will be created. Getting out in the water is a demonstration that Dublin Bay is for the people’s use and not to be used as a dumping ground as certain people would like to think. So keeping that in mind, we hope to see you all out there on the day and don’t forget to look out for us on Facebook and at Dive Ireland International 2013.


Robert Hoban, Mary O’Donohoe, Brian Kelly