Congratulations NUIG / GMIT

Apr 26 2013 Posted by Office Administraton

Congratulations to NUIG / GMIT SAC,  in less than three years the club has gone from a situation where they’d had nobody above club diver level in years, to now having a rich supply of Instructors and Leading Divers.
None of this could have happened without your own hard work and dedication, the assistance and dedication of Dave & Kathleen Jackson from Pucan Divers, and also the various instructors and members of Galway Sub Aqua Club, as well as ongoing support from Louise in CFT HQ and the current NDO Martin Kiely.
In the same time period you also managed to secure funding for the first decent boat the club has ever owned, the Alice Perry, a huge achievement in itself.
I started diving myself with the UCG club, as it was called at the time, in 1987. So from a personal point of view, it’s great to see the club not only surviving, but going from strength to strength.
Well done.
Joe Fegan, West Regional Diving Officer