Common Seals Breeding now around Irish Coast

Jun 01 2012 Posted by Office Administraton

Irish Seal Sanctuary Founder urges public and water users over June Holiday to be aware of seal colonies and mothers and pups in their recreational areas and be considerate of the bond and dependency of the young pups in the days after birth. Unintentionally every year at this time pups are seperated from mothers as power boats, jet skis RIBs etc hit the water. Later the 1st orphans are found lost, weakened, dehydrated, emaciated along the shoreline. These are the first casualties of the Common Seal breeding season……….like clockwork!!………….. And Many of these Casualties Can be Avoided by a little vigilance and knowledge of the area and residents, you’re in and enjoying !! Donn’t please leave orphans behind after a good holiday and enjoy water safely!! Beware even stranded Seal Pups can Bite!!