Coach Education Tutor’ programme.

Mar 28 2012 Posted by Office Administraton

Well done to Mairead Egan, Martin Kiely, Stephen Mulhall, Paul Maloney, Don McCarthy, John Lydon, Jean Kelleher, Aude Richard, Nigel Kelleher, Thomas Hoey, Timmy Carey & Stephen Smyth for successfully participating in the Coaching Ireland ‘Coach Education Tutor’ programme.

On Saturday evening March 24th, 60 Coach Education Tutors from 19 sports graduated as part of the Coaching Development Programme for Ireland (CDPI).

Irish Sport is dependent in part on the quality of its coaching system and the coaches that it produces. Well trained, effective coaches play a key role in achieving sports policy objectives – the delivery of sport in participation, performance and excellence.

CoachingIrelandhas been training National Governing Body (NGB) tutors for the past 16 years as part of the CDPI.

Tutors are central to the coach education system, devising the coaching syllabi in their sports and delivering coach education courses. Beyond the more visible aspects of course design and presentation, tutors are expected to keep up-to-date, motivate and inspire the coaches they work with.

These tutors graduated following long and demanding courses. These courses were delivered over 3/5 contact weekends followed by on-site tasks and facilitation within their own NGB Coach Education Programme. Many of the tutors have dedicated a life-time of committed service to their chosen sport and while nobody entered sport to become a tutor, most of these successful tutors have spent many years as participants, coaches and administrators in their sport.