Book Launch – Diving: Pictures From Our Past

Nov 02 2014 Posted by Office Administraton

Every picture tells a story or so they say. This is a fantastic new book by author and CFT Vice President Denny Lawlor.

It a pictorial history of diving in Ireland from the mid 1950s to the late 1990s, a selection of old photos donated from many diving clubs around the country including Limerick, the Curragh, the Irish, Naas, Kilkenny and more. It charts the progress of diving equipment over the years. It also takes us from the “Skinny Dip Divers’ through to the “Wooly Jumper Brigade” and on to the various home made wetsuits. Out of the many photos donated to CFT over 300 have been selected for this publication. In them we see some well known faces from past diving outings, some of whom are no longer with us and some who are still around and very active today and still diving. These are the guys who, not only started CFT but were very much to the fore in building it to what we know today. We see how those early pioneers went diving with very little protective clothes, very little equipment and quite possibly very little knowledge of diving in comparison to what we have and know today. It has been an exciting journey in collecting, dating, identifying the people and the event or dive site where each picture was taken.


It is a glimpse of our history and well worth adding to your collection of diving related books and SubSeas. It is a CFT publication and a very limited number will be printed so to ensure you get your copy you should place your order now through the CFT online shop.  This book will be out in time for Christmas and what a great present it would make, order it now and don’t miss out.