RMS Titanic – Construction

Apr 05 2013 Posted by Office Administraton

RMS Titanic – Construction, Disaster, Discovery – A talk by Rory Golden

 Rory Golden was the first Irish diver to see Titanic from a Russian MIR submersible in 2000 and again in 2005 at a depth of 3875metres.  More people have been to outer space than to these depths of the ocean.

The presentation will take place on Sat 13th April at 7.30pm
Venue:  The Jack Doyle Room at the Commodore Hotel, Cobh, Co. Cork
The Admission fee €5

Rory will give a fascinating insight to his knowledge and personal experiences with the Titanic since its discovery in 1985, including artifact recovery expeditions, and personal recollections of actually diving to the ship.

Go back 100 years and share in the pride of Harland and Wolff as it built the worlds biggest liner.

Re-live the shock of the disaster and the rescue of survivors. Why did over 1500 people die?

Get a new insight into the successful French/American expedition of 1985 that discovered Titanic, from the journal and images of cameraman Ralph White, who went on to make 35 dives to the wreck site.

See the artifacts on the seabed and on recovery. Appreciate their significance. “Smell” the perfume.

Feel what it is like to be in a submersible. Wonder at life in the deep. Learn about the pressure.

Join Rory on his dives around the wreck. Re-live a major and significant find, and the honour of leaving memorials from Cobh and Belfast in tribute to the victims of the disaster.

Experience what is like to view Titanic only inches away, but physically impossible to touch by human hand, in the great depths of the North Atlantic. Look at how the great ship is crumbling away in front of us.

 Come along on the 13th  April for the fascinating talk  – something not to be missed!