Positions available on IUC Executive

Mar 09 2018 Posted by Office Administraton


Once again we are looking for volunteers to serve on the Executive as Honorary Treasurer and Public Relations Officer.

The Honorary Treasurer’s function is to work alongside the Office Staff and Bookkeeper to authorise all expenses sanctioned by the Executive Committee, submit statements of Finances to the Executive Committee from time to time, when required.They shall make up and balance the Accounts to the 31stDecember each year, prepare the Annual Balance Sheet, and submit the accounts and Balance Sheet to the Auditor before the Annual General Meeting.

The PRO’s function is to promote IUC and its activites to the wider public through Press, Radio, Television and the Internet and any other means. This is a very important role as it is through publicity at local and national level that we gain membership. The PRO is also expected to advise clubs on how they can promote their club and events at local level. 

Has your Region offered up a volunteer in the recent past? Has your club provided someone for a position before? Without volunteers we can not function properly and there are a lot of talented Club members that might consider serving. If you think you know someone, maybe give them a little encouragement!
If you are interested in either of these positions please send in a letter stating why you think you are the best person for the position of Honorary Treasurer or PRO to info@diving.ie or in the post to Irish Underwater Council, 78a Patrick Street, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin.