Derrynane, Co. Kerry

Deerynane Harbour

Description: An ideal site for a first trainee’s dive. If the tide allows begin at Lambs Island at the harbour mouth, head inwards following the shoreline. Who knows what you might find. A cannon and anchors were found here a few years ago from a previously unknown shipwreck. It is a safe night dive in 3–10m with plenty of life. There is marvellous snorkelling about here as there is an interesting rocky bottom at about three metres on the seaward side of the harbour. A narrow channel leads to the sea in the SW corner of the harbour This is a great snorkel as it is full of life.

Abbey Island

Description: From the boat you can see a major vertical crack in the rock face. Enter this, continue to a T junction. Look out for iron bars from an ore ship at 10–20 metres. A schooner, the “Ethel B Jacobs”, was wrecked on Abbey Island in 1899. A handy night dive is a circumnavigation of the island. The
bottom is sand at six metres but there is life in the rocks.

Lambs Head (1)

Description: This must be one of the best shore dives in Kerry. It makes a fine default dive if you end up with less than a boat crew. On the Sneem side of Caherdaniel make a right turn down an incline and continue to the road’s end. There is a pier with parking space and an easy entrance or exit.

Lambs Head (2)

Description:On a boat from Derrynane dive the southern tip of the head. The odd seal and porpoise has been seen here.

Two Headed Island

Description:One third of the way along the SE side there is a lovely cave. Stay at the 6m level to find the entrance. Even without a lamp you can enter and see the exit on your left. Continue on for a comfortable dive to 20m.

Moylaun Island

Description: Drop in at the NW corner and head south. You will find a ledge at about 14m with a vertical drop off to 40m. Look for a gully further down the west side. Bring a lamp as it is a dead end. On the way out about 3m to the left side look out for “Andy” the resident conger.

Moylaun Rock

Description: Southwest of the main island it does not look much from the surface but is a hive of activity below. Dead mens fingers cover the rock. All types of schooling fish mill around. Find the lee side and dive a zig zag course back up from the maximum depth of 31m.

Deenish Island

Description:Steer clear of the fish farm and dive the southern side to 25m if conditions allow. Seals are often to be seen.

Scarriff Island – Lamb’s Cove

Description: Drop in on the southern side close to the cliff into about 6m with some kelp covering the rocky ledge, at about 8m a cliff edge comes into view which descends to over 30m. Swim east towards Lambs cove. It is sheltered both for kitting up and recovery of divers.

Scarriff Island – The Hedges

Description: There are good gulleys to explore at the Hedges on the west side of Scarriff. The depth is up to 30m.

The Bull

Description: The Bull Rock just off Dursey Island, is only about within range of Derrynane. The Bull is the largest of three rocky islands called The Bull, The Cow and The Calf and is dominated by a light house. A feature of the rock is the large cavern through which trawlers and other fishing boats can pass under the lighthouse. The wide range of potential sites is obvious.
One interesting site is a reef to the North of the Rock. The reef is made up of a series giant steps of about 5m and descends to over 35m. The edge of the reef was serrated like a saw with an abundance of life. Like most dives in the area all the rocks are covered with jewel anemones, sponges and soft corals. Currents can be strong in the reef area and SMBs are recommended.

Tide Predictions