Sheephaven SAC Dive Notes

Oct 01 2018 Posted by Office Administraton

Sheephaven divers were out in force last weekend as they participated in one of their two mandatory Search and Recovery training Days on Sunday morning.

Unit leader John Joe Rowland put the 23 divers and snorkelers through their paces in PortnaBlagh harbour as he set out tasks for two separate teams, both operating a swim-line technique, controlled on the surface by snorkelers.

In-water conditions were good, with horizontal visibility of over five metres, little swell or current and temperatures of 13 degrees Celsius.

Nonetheless a combination of varying seabed depths and navigating the different obstructions of the harbour made for challenging exercises, which were completed to John Joe’s satisfaction.

The maximum dive times for both teams were over 25 minutes to depths of no greater than 12 metres.

In order for an Irish Underwater Council diver to remain on the active list for Search and Recovery Divers they must take part in two training days per annum and it is quite apparent that these exercises provide for a better delivery of dive searches, should the occasion demand it.

Finally Sheephaven SAC wish to add their condolences to the family and friends of the last Patsy Dan Rodgers, King of Tory who passed away last week.

Sheephaven divers are frequent visitors to Tory Island and its pristine waters and undoubtedly Patsy Dan’s passing will be missed amongst both the Islanders and visitors alike.  Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam dílís.