Dublin Wreck Diving: Lanarkshire

Sep 18 2012 Posted by Office Administraton


Name of Wreck: Lanarkshire

Diving Grade required: Trainee and Above


Location: 053° 06′ 334″ N, 005° 51′ 561 W.
Access: Rib from Dun Laoghaire
Minimum Depth to Wreck 14m (top)
Maximum Depth to Seabed: 18m (at Sea bed) HW
Average Visibility: 0-7m


Description of Wreck:

Launched from 1871 (year) back ground info.

Dimensions – 64m X 8.5m Draught – 6.5m. 926 Tons

Brief history of service – 1871 lost 1882

Description of sinking, Sank on a sailing from Clyde in Scotland to Lisbon with a cargo of Coal..


Diving the Wreck:

Transit time to dive site: allow 1.5 hrs from Dun Laoghaire

2 Hours before Slack water dive.  2 hours before slack water tide time based on Greystones.

Navigating the wreck and what to look out for,

There is a substantial amount of the wreck left with a lot of the equipment visible, boilers and super structure. The wreck is full of sea life and has a spare Iron propeller on the deck. There are areas of penetration however these are not recommended. The wreck is littered with strings of storm damaged lobster pots with large Conger living throughout the wreck but especially under the boilers.


Picture of her sister ship.


  1. 1.                   Max Depth – 18m Trainee diver and above
  2. 1.                   Max Time – 30 mins – NDL
  3. 2.                   Current – Must be dived 2 hours before slack based on Greystones
  4. 3.                   Viz – 0-7m+
  5. 4.                   Torch Recommended

    WATCH AIR & DECO and Lobster pot ropes.


Side scan location


Sidescan view of complete wreck