Diving Equipment Targetd in Robberies

Mar 06 2012 Posted by Office Administraton

There seems to be a spate of robberies targeted at diving equipment stored in sheds,  in the past month. The first robbery happened last Wednesday with another last night. Both robberies took place in the Dublin region. [notice]Please be vigilant and don’t leave your equipment  in view in your car and ensure if you are storing your equipment in a shed that it is fully secure.[/notice]

A full list f the equipment and who it belongs to follows

Andy Thomspon
Case of Inspiration Rebreather (not the scrubber or head)
Othree Drysuit
12 litre cylinder
2 x 11 litre cylinder
2 x 7 litre cylinders
1 x oxygen cylinder
1 x dil cylinder
2 Apeks stage regs
Cathx torch

Vadimas Volodko
oceanic dry suit [neoprene]
2 xtx dst rugulators
12 ltr twinset with apex backplate
turtle fins
2 masks and all other kits [reels,gloves,hood]
torch in scubapro bag
belt and weights
diverite wing and transpac2 harness

If you are approached to purchase any of this equipment please call the Gardai and contact Head Office.