Dubs head for Tipp.

Mar 25 2012 Posted by Office Administraton

M1 candidates & Instructors

Busy day in Portroe Quarry today.  This year the location of the final M1 assessments will be held in Portroe Quarry and the Garda College Swimming pool (3.4Mtrs.), Templemore.  A group of M1candidates ventured to the North Tipperary dive location to acquaint themselves with the dive site in preparation for the final M1 exam in April. 

The M1 course consists of two parts. Part one assesses theoretical knowledge and in-water skills prior to progressing. Part two of the course covers teaching and instruction techniques and includes an open water dive. Candidates must be successful in the theory and pool assessment prior to commencing part two.

On the final assessment day, the group of candidates will be examined in their teaching and instruction techniques during an open water dive a Module lecture a Non-module lecture (set at instructor level) In-water practical instruction (confined water) In-water practical instruction (open water).  The final day is a long day.

Good Luck to all.