Snorkelling in Ireland

Snorkelling or ‘Snorkel Diving’ is a fun and easy way to view and explore underwater life in its natural environment. It is accessible to anyone regardless of age and does not require expensive or complicated equipment. With over 3,000 miles  of coastline around Ireland to discover the opportunities are endless.

Here in the Irish Underwater Council we are passionate about snorkelling  but here are  a few reasons we can think of to take up snorkelling but here is a few.

Family Friendly:  Are you looking for an all inclusive family friendly sport that you can all enjoy at the weekend? Well thisgirls snorkelling is the one for you! Bring your children with you on an endless adventure. Give them the opportunity to see for themselves the wonderful abundance of life that exists even within 2 feet of the shore!

Fitness: Not only is snorkelling a great  opportunity to explore the life beneath the surface that only few get to see, it’s also a great way to keep fit as it reduces the stresses and strains placed on the body that normal fitness sports do. Snorkelling is also a great way to build up confidence in water and can also be used as an introduction or prelude to the more advanced sport of Scuba Diving.

Environmental Awareness: Our motto is take only pictures, leave only bubbles. Snorkelling is an all inclusive, accessible way to explore the underwater world and it is also a great way to learn about the precious and delicate eco system only a few feet from our shores. Do you watch nature documentaries? Why get out there and experience it for yourself.

Meet New People: If you train with us we can guarantee  you will meet a host of friendly and like minded people. Ask anyone in CFT to list their best friends, you can be assured one of them is a CFT club member!

Learn Something New:  You can snorkel with your family, friends or in one of our registered clubs. We provide full Learn to Snorkel with Ustraining to ensure that you can enjoy all the underwater Ireland has to offer, while being safe and respecting our environment.

Economical:  Snorkelling requires only a limited amount of equipment including a dive mask, snorkel tube and fins (flippers)and in our cooler climate a wet suit is also normally required. These can be very cheaply from most sports stores or from other retailers who sell equipment occasionally at very reasonable prices. Once you have the basic equipment you’re good to go!

 Dont take our word for it, watch the video which was shot in Ireland and find out why you should take up snorkelling!

Snorkelling may be (wrongly) perceived as being reserved only for Mediterranean or Caribbean holidays where warm waters are the order of the day and there is an abundance of exotic marine life. The Irish coastline offers a fascinating and diverse eco-system that rivals these far flung destinations.
With over 3,000 miles of unspoilt coastline to discover the oportunites are endless. Not only is snorkelling in Ireland fun but its easy and requires very little equipment.

It is accessible to anyone regardless of age and does not require expensive or complicated equipment.

Here in the Irish Underwater Council we are passionate about snorkelling, we think Ireland is one of the top destinations in the world to snorkel in, but don’t take our word for it, click on the movies below, that was shot at Silver Strand,Malin Beg, Co Donegal by Victor Kutischef, and Malin Beg or better still give it a go and see for yourself!!