Snorkelling Courses

Our new suite of Snorkelling courses is now available. They are fun, exciting and packed full of new skills and snorkellingexperiences to allow you to explore a totally new world below the seas. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a world class swimmer to take part, once you swim a length of a pool then your good to go!

Here are a selection of courses available to you as you progress along the snorkelling path.

 Snorkel FUNdamentals

snorkelling in irelandThis is the entry level snorkelling course designed for beginners or those wanting to try the sport out. This course will take you through an introduction to the equipment and how best to fit it, the basics of snorkelling and fining techniques. The course can be run in the pool, open water or both depending on your confidence levels. If you have six or more people we can run a specific course for your group to take place over one day or two evenings. so what are you waiting for, grab your friends and give us a call on 01 2844601.

Don’t delay try it out today!.


Advanced Snorkel Diver

Advanced Snorkel Diver builds on the skills learnt in Snorkel FUNdamentals. This course is centred around building your confidence in the water and feeling at ease in the sea. It aims to improve your techniques, theory and practical knowledge. By the end of this course the participants should feel comfortable enough to go snorkelling without the supervision of an instructor.


Snorkel Guide

Our snorkel guide course is a totally new course which gives the participant the knowledge and skills to lead a group of beginners on a snorkel in open water. The course deals with the planning and skills necessary to safely lead a group as well as rescue techniques and theory.


Snorkel Instructor

Being a snorkel instructor opens a world of opportunities to you. As a CFT Snorkel Instructor you will be eligible to work in adventure centres and as an independent Snorkel Instructor. The course is the highest snorkelling grade in the system and brings together all aspects of teaching and tuition as well as the snorkelling and rescue skills.



If you are interested in any of the courses above , complete the form HERE, give us a call on 012844601 or email