Diver 1* C.M.A.S.

Your entry to the underwater world starts here

The Diver 1* course is the first of our diving grades and is comprised of a series of lectures running in tandem with pool and open water snorkel and scuba training. This course is designed to allow you experience the amazing world that is Scuba and is carried out in a safe and controlled environment. After a series of practical indoor pool sessions you will take your first tentative steps into open water diving….where the adventure REALLY begins!! The purpose of the Diver 1* course is to provide you with the basic practical and theoretical knowledge of Scuba diving and will be something you are unlikely to forget!

What you will learn

The course is taught on a 1:1 basis – you and your dive Instructor – and instruction takes place within a Club allowing you gain experience with the support of the Club environment. Open water scuba activities will commence following all other instruction and on completion of the required Diving Medical as recommended by Medical Commission.


In order for you to enroll in your local club’s next Diver 1* course and begin training you will need to meet to following prerequisites:

  • Be 14 years old or older
  • In the swimming pool complete the following: Swim 200 metres freestyle without stopping. Swim 50 metres backstroke without stopping. With head submerged in the water, hold breath for 30 seconds.

So how do i get started?

Your first step to start your diver training is to get in contact with your local CFT Dive Club. Many clubs will host open days and Try-A-Dive events throughout the year so keep an eye on your local press and this website for club information in your area.

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