Membership Benefits

As a member of CFT you can look forward to the following benefits:

See Places Only The Few Get To See
Most of our Clubs organise regular dives and snorkels throughout the Club. as part of a Club you could join in on Club activities, taking to the seas in a high speed boat, delving into the underwater world which most people only see from the shore, comparing stories with your club members on your return!

Be Part of Something Special
By being part of a CFT Club, not only are you learning new skills and seeing a world most people dream about, you are also part of a team. Our Clubs are not just diving clubs they are friends and social outlets. You only have to go on a dive to see the fun that can be had!

CFT Online Membership System (COMS)Sky through water
Access to our online membership system, where you can view and update your membership whenever and wherever you wish.

Unrivalled Insurance Cover
CFT has a ground breaking insurance policy for our members. We are one of the best insured NGBs in the world today, giving you unrivalled protection and peace of mind

SubSea Magazine
SubSea, Ireland’s only diving magazine delivered directly to your door. Find out about the latest and greatest in the diving world, what’s new, what’s old, who’s who of diving.

Climb the Ladder
As part of CFT you will be able to upgrade your skills and qualifications at a fraction of commercial rates, from learning to drive a boat to becoming an instructor we have it all.